The Roaring ’20’s: My Goals for the New Year

2020! Wow, that is crazy to say. If you ask those close to me, one of my favorite eras is the '20’s (1920’s). Something about the way people dressed, talked, and the music seems so cool to me. Hopefully, there isn’t a stock market crash leading to a great depression this time around. As for... Continue Reading →

Where Have I Been??| Installing Wood Look Tile (NOT a How-To)

(Spoiler alert, not a how-to on wood look tile) So…Mountain Biking has taken a bit of a backseat recently. I have not gotten an opportunity to get out and ride in quite some time. However, I really like making videos….and I wanted to make one. So here it is. Jess and I decided that we... Continue Reading →

Balancing Family Life and Work Life

As of this writing, I am currently working full time (which includes overtime most weeks), going to school full time (online which is a challenge in and of itself), installing tile flooring (video coming soon), writing this blog, and reading 3 books. OH!...WE ALSO HAD A BABY THREE WEEKS AGO!!! Needless to say, I am... Continue Reading →

A Different Point of View | Mountain Biking Mule Deer, White Tanks Arizona

I needed some footage for another video that I am creating which will hopefully be completed soon. While doing so, I found that sometimes change is a good thing. It seems like I rarely find myself riding without the gimbal. Somehow, it has become a standard item in my bag for rides. However, I was... Continue Reading →

FINS With Friends | Mountain Biking Flow Trails, Fantasy Island North Singletrack

I got a text at about 9:30 the night before asking if I was down for some riding at Fantasy Island North Single Track (aka FINS) ….Of course my answer was…"Yep!" I quickly got the camera gear on the charger to prep for the day to come. As always, it was well worth the trip... Continue Reading →

Overcoming My Worst MTB Crash Yet | FINS With The Pivot Firebird

Finding the time to get out and ride seems to be a rarity as of late. Let alone bringing the camera and editing the footage afterwards. However, I often wonder if there isn't something else that is influencing my decision to get out and ride. A few months back I had one of my worst... Continue Reading →

Back in the Saddle! Mounting Biking Long Loop | Estrella Mountains Az

It has been over a month since my last ride….and it shows. I have been in the mood to explore new trails, so I decided to hit up the Competitive Track Long Loop at the Estrella Mountain Regional Park near Goodyear Arizona. Truth be told, the ride started out kind of bland. The first few... Continue Reading →

Chunky!….Mountain Biking Mesquite & Willow Canyon Trails | White Tank Mountains, Arizona

The Mesquite Canyon to Willow Canyon lollipop might be one of the most underrated routes in the Phoenix area. I get it…it's not National or Desert Classic. But what it lacks in popularity, it makes up for in character. As you will tell in the video, the climb is difficult…dare I say brutal. However, the... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Learned While Camping With Toddlers

110°F…..that was the high here in the Valley of the Sun on Friday September 1st, 2017. I called Jess to remind her of our reservations for Sunday at Fort Tuthill. I was looking forward to the break from the heat. But more importantly, I was looking forward to our first camping trip as a family.... Continue Reading →

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